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With Jackie

We're so happy to welcome Jackie to the Flutter Lash Team! Jackie is a Licensed Massage Therapist and will be taking appointments beginning March 7th. Take advantage of our special introduction promo with Jackie while it lasts!


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Away We Glow 

Brightening Facial

Let it glow, like whoa! A creamy green tea extract not only cleanses but calms complexion before an application of an illuminating alcohol-free tonic. Reveal and renew with a fruit acid mask-a little rosy after is a good thing and will subside! We now calm with an avocado extract, oil and butter mask. Next, illuminate dark spots with a vitamin-enhanced serum called Eternal LightTM! We seal all of this in with an advanced peptide + retinol-rich facial hydrator - so whipped you'll be obsessed. End with an eye-perfecting serum to keep the look of crow's feet away. $90



The forecast is sunny with a chance of glisten in the air! This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day! The invigoration Lavender & Hibiscus Mineral Bath soak sets your senses to joyous. A Citrus Grass Salt Scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft, glisten finish. Newly revealed skin now soaks in hydration with a spearmint extract mask. Last, enjoy a silky massage with a creamy steeped milk lotion with light notes of relaxing lavender. This rubdown breathes new life into your skin and makes everyday feel like spring is awakening in the air! $62

Citrine Dream 


Steaming grape-seed, olive and orange peel oil-infused towels nourish your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Slip away and forget the day as light citrus aroma engulfs you. A softly sweetened body milk massage leaves soft notes of lime and coconut. You'll feel whisper-light, and glisten with radiant, fresh skin so tranquil you'll hear waves in the distance. $80